Sunday, October 21, 2007

VMWare 6.x with Ubuntu 7.10

I've just spent a good hour wrestling with VMWare 6.0 in my new Ubuntu 7.10 installation -- there would seem to be an issue with the vmware-any-any-update113, that thinks it's building the vmmon module for VMWare 2.x, not 6.x.

After installing the update (see: and running the script, everything seems to build successfully -- but attempting to run VMWare gives you:


Eventually, I was able to work around this issue by:

  • Extracting the vmmon.tar file from the update.
  • Editing the script with a text editor and changing line 66:
--- print 'VME_V4';

+++ print 'VME_V6';
  • Save the file and tar up the directory.
  • Re-run the file -- which should rebuild the kernel modules correctly and allow you to start VMWare correctly.

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