Monday, June 2, 2008

Updated Unofficial Rhythmbox Packages for Ubuntu 8.04

I've been playing about over the last week integrating a bunch of useful patches into my preferred music player, Rhythmbox.

The packages are here, are based around SVN revision 5710 and have a number of extra patches that haven't made it into the tree yet, including:

Bug 528814: RB should use podcast date and time when transferring to iPod (useful if you put your podcasts in playlists)
Bug 529873: The artdisplay plugin should be able to supply metadata (useful if you have coverart embedded in tracks and you'd like it transferred to the iPod)
Bug 345975: Show album covers embedded in files e.g. mp3 ID3 tags (very, very useful if you have art embedded in music from iTunes or some other tagging program)
Bug 140020: Song skips when position is moved maximum right (fixes a big bugbear i've had for some time, where clicking forward or back within the first second or two after fast-forwarding/rewinding with the slider causes Rhythmbox to skip the next track).

If you have been looking to try a newer Rhythmbox on your Ubuntu 8.04 installation, or have an iPod that you'd like to get more use out of, you might want to give these a go.

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