Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Autodesk Backburner & VMWare Clones

If you've installed Autodesk's Backburner product within VMWare (part of 3D Studio 7/8/9/2008) and have trouble getting the Backburner server to start because the "UDP interface is not valid in this context", the solution is two-fold:

First, Power off your VM
Then, edit the .vmx file for the failing VM and change:

ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset = "0"


ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset = "1"

Power up the VM and log in to Windows -- using Windows Explorer, navigate to the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Backburner\Network directory.

Delete the backburner.xml file.

Now when you restart the Backburner server application, a new configuration file will be created with the new GUID and SID of the VMWare instance and it should start up and run normally.