Saturday, March 28, 2009

Microsoft's Support for XP Ending?

Interesting read via ZDNet this morning regarding Microsoft beginning the end-of-life cycle for Windows XP (and, to a similar extent Office 2003).

I find it interesting -- still having people to this day asking if I can kindly remove Vista from their new machines and replace it with XP (and to a similar extent, Office 2007 for either 2003 or OpenOffice) that MS appears to have a longer support deadline for XP than either 2000 or Vista, which have a 5 year lifecycle compared with a 6.5 year one for XP.

I wonder if it'll just cause people to a) switch to Linux or b) use a completely unsupported operating system because Windows 7 is too new and 'innovative' for them and Vista is ... well, Vista.

One thing's for sure, it will have a ripple-down effect into finally removing Internet Explorer 6 woes from web developers minds.