Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting iPod's Working With Banshee In Ubuntu 8.04.3

Recently, I had need to install a newer Banshee from the Ubuntu PPA on a friend's Ubuntu LTS machine (I only ever recommend LTSes to friends converting from Windows and thus not used to the 6-month upgrade dance).

He plugged in his iPod, after it had been restored with iTunes from his wife's PC and -- no, nothing happens.

Unplugged, Replugged -- yep, appears on the desktop as an iPod and Banshee starts correctly, the iPod just doesn't appear in it.

Checked dmesg, yes, the device is a 8GB iPod, no it does not need fsck'ing and yes, it uses the correct mountpoint.

Checked Synaptic, all the Banshee code is there.

Checked the Bugtracker, found bug #139226.

So, we ran:

sudo apt-get install podsleuth

Unplugged, Re-plugged the iPod. Success.

Question is, if podsleuth is that important to getting DAP's working in Banshee, shouldn't it be at a dependency of the install?