Friday, September 18, 2009

Trying Out Rygel

Trying out the new, integrated into GNOME and uses GStreamer -- Media Sharing daemon, Rygel.

First thoughts, it's a _lot_ easier to configure than Mediatomb -- I am using the "media export" plugin because my Ubuntu Jaunty installation is rather bastardised, so Tracker is "unreliable at best" on my system.

I'm using the packages from James Henstridge's PPA Repository -- because they're available for Jaunty, as well as the Vala Compiler from their PPA.

Getting it going with the PS3 was easy though, first of all -- I disabled the LPCM transcoding (for some reason, none of my MP3's appeared until I did that), by unchecking the tickbox -- set the interface to wlan0, added my media directory -- and away we went.

Still have the odd issue where Wirelessly, my PS3 doesn't see anything exported from the Ubuntu box -- but i'm figuring that's more a router issue, more than an Ubuntu one -- having recently experimented with Fedora as well.

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