Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Context-Sensitive Menus in GNOME ...

While wandering the interschnitzel today, I wandered pass planet.gnome and noticed an entry that i've given a bit of thought to over the years ...

Lucas wonders why GNOME uses context sensitive menus for all devices / locations?

While I agree, in theory -- if Nautilus (and other GNOME components) start removing these context-sensitive actions, consider the use-case for USB sticks (CF cards, etc) that are mounted read-only, been mounted by the system (thus you don't have rights) or have run out of room?

Personally, I find the greyed out icons for Cut/Copy/Paste actions a big timesaver -- if I do a copy and paste, I can instantly tell right now if I can 'do' that, because the icons are there, but context-disabled if I cannot.

If GNOME chooses to remove those because of 'clutter' -- the next notification one gets is a 'cannot write to XXX' *after* they've attempted once, twice, three times to do such an action.

Care should be taken not to be too overzealous with this sort of thing, in my opinion.

Anyone else agree, disagree, other -- voice your comment on the bug.