Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Recovering your Password Database in Epiphany 2.20.x on Ubuntu

Having just upgraded my laptop to the recently released beta version of Ubuntu's next Long Term Service release (Hardy Heron -- aka. 8.04), I started up my preferred browser (Epiphany) and discovered that my saved web password database was empty.

After a bit of web hunting, I discovered that the new Firefox 3.0 betas have a new version of the signons.txt file that Mozilla/Firefox/Epiphany use to store the actual password.

Looking in my .gnome2/epiphany/mozilla/epiphany directory, I noticed a signons2.txt file and a new, blank signons3.txt file.

I also noticed that the datestamp on the key3.db file had been updated to today's date.

First, I tried renaming the signons2.txt file to signons3.txt and restarting Epiphany -- as expected -- the datestamp of signon3.txt was now the same as key3.db.

Going into the Personal Data / Passwords menu in Epiphany now gave me access to some passwords, but not all -- plus there was some duplication between passwords.

So, I tried deleting both the key3.db and the signons3.txt file -- and copying a backup version of both files (with an older datestamp) to my epiphany profile directory and then renaming signons2.txt to signons3.txt.

Restarted Epiphany and from a terminal window, noticed both files had been updated to the current time.

This time, going back to the Personal Data / Passwords menu in Epiphany now gave me access to all my old password information.

So, in a nutshell -- to upgrade from Ubuntu Gutsy to Ubuntu Hardy's Epiphany seamlessly, you should use a three step process:

* Backup your .gnome2/epiphany directory before doing your upgrade.

* After doing your upgrade, copy the key3.db and signons2.txt files from your backup into your updated .gnome2/epiphany/mozilla/epiphany directory.

* Before using Epiphany for the first time, copy your signons2.txt file to a new file called signons3.txt.

note: this issue has also been reported to the Ubuntu Bug Tracker as #180205.

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