Thursday, April 10, 2008

Australian'ising Epiphany's Keyword Search

As part of the upgrading process to the new Ubuntu LTS release -- I found my default search engine had been reset to rather than in Epiphany.

Everything else about Epiphany's default setup is Australian, the language defaults are en-au and the languages are set correctly, but the keyword search isn't.

Fortunately, this is easy to change.

First, fire up your browser and type about:config into the location bar, which should take you to the configuration screen -- consisting of a filter box and a larger portion containing all of the relevant tweakable parameters.

In the filter textbox type: keyword.URL it should be a User Set, String value (in bold) that looks like the screen below:

Now, if you right-click the bold text and select modify you should get a textbox appear in the center of the screen, simply use the keyboard or mouse to select and remove the section of the highlighted URL and enter instead -- and press OK to return to the configuration menu.

At this point, the screen should look like the one below:

Now just restart Epiphany and do a search, the browser should now (correctly) take you to Google Australia's search.