Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Apple Sued Over iPhone Performance Issues

I stumbled across this article on Wired a few days ago. US-centric as it is -- but the same drop-outs seem to happen here in Australia, whenever the phone switches from 3G to the older GSM network.

Two bars on 3G on my Nokia E66 or N73 versus 4 bars on the iPhone, less than 3 inches away from each from each other when the phones are idle, yet the Nokia's complete the calls and the iPhones drop out.

Back in August, Optus (SingTel) offered 'Goodwill Credits' to users who suffered woeful network performance following the launch of the iPhone, which they're not doing now -- yet the latest firmware update doesn't seem to make a scrap of difference.

Perhaps that's why I saw a paper-printed advert in my local Optus dealership that said 'iPhones available for pre-paid plans, $799 AUD for 8GB, $899 for 16GB - while stocks last.'

Does anyone else have similar issues with providers here, or is this just another case of 'never buy G1 hardware' coupled with 'if it isn't broken, don't replace it?'

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