Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something Completely Different

A completely non-technical post to end the year on -- highlighting two albums i'm almost sure nobody reading this has ever heard, but are definately worth the listen.

Lazyboy TV - Lazyboy

Personally, I wouldn't have thought i'd like an album that is more "spoken word" than Pop -- but this is a great album that deals with everything from homelessness to drug use to oddities you'll find in the news combined with an infectious beat that gets this played over and over again.

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Angles - Dan le Sac versus Scroobius Pip

This one was completely out of left field, I overheard the track Tommy C in a bar and then hung around to listen to the rest of the album -- it's kind of like the Lazyboy album, but with an sound that makes me think of what would happen if you threw electro and dubstep in a blender and put themes like youth suicide, fads and the evangelism of pop music over the top.

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