Friday, November 9, 2007

Fedora and The iPod Nano

In semi-celebration of Fedora 8 being released today, I have spent the day wrestling with mock and rpmbuild to bring you up-to-date libgpod packages (built from SVN 1759), allowing Fedora users to try out the new iPod handling code just like Ubuntu users can.

Completely unofficial, just like their Ubuntu cousins -- but they build cleanly and correctly write the Firewire ID to a brand new 3rd Gen Nano (and thus, gtkpod actually syncs music and rhythmbox reads the music).

Packages available from here.


edit i: It appears the packages weren't actually mentioned in the original post, thanks to James for pointing this out.

edit ii: Yes, these include the snazzy HAL callout method that means you can plug your iPod in and everything is done automatically, no manual firewire hacking required :)

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