Tuesday, November 20, 2007

.torrent files from the command line

Over the past few weeks, i've been playing with BitTorrent more for moving files around, but found no good way of being able to make .torrent files from the command line.

About a week ago, I found CreateTorrent and attempted to build packages for it, there were two major issues -- 1) there was no ability to make torrents private and 2) the program kept segfaulting whenever there was a '(' or ')' in the directory the files were stored in.

Today, when searching for createtorrent patches on Google, I found:

buildtorrent, which looked to do exactly what I wanted.

The code wasn't GNU Autotools ready, so I spent an hour or so fixing that (patches have gone upstream to the author) -- then I was able to build packages for it.

Ubuntu Gutsy users can grab them from here, packages for other distributions will be available as I have time to build them.