Monday, October 13, 2008

Smart-ISP Configuration for Postfix.

note: This is another 'no-brainer, don't forget this again' type post, but I thought i'd put it here incase anyone else can make use of it.

Recently, I was told that a client needed to forward all their corporate mail via their local ISP and that I should set that up for them using their existing, internal-only mail handling Postfix server.

The key additions to their /etc/postfix/ file was (aside from configuring SASL, which you should do anyway and setting the relayhost parameter correctly) was:

+++ mydestination =
+++ local_recipient_maps =
+++ local_transport = error: no local delivery service


+++ myorigin = the outbound domain name you need.

Then, you need to comment out (with a #) the local transport method in your /etc/postfix/ file.

Remember that, brain!

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